Photo by Kara O'Keefe Chadbourne



Melaina Spitzer is Founder of Inner Peacebuilding, a coaching and training company for social impact leaders.  With fifteen years of experience working as a coach, consultant, and facilitator in conflict transformation, Melaina has supported hundreds of leaders across the globe in creating thriving, impactful companies and organizations.  

Melaina spent 7 years in the field in South America working to transform socio-environmental conflicts in indigenous territories and reporting for the BBC, NPR, and PRI on gender, human rights, and the environment. Melaina received her Masters in Peace, Conflict, and Security from the Universidad del Salvador in Argentina as a Rotary World Peace Fellow. She served as visiting professor at the School For International Training where she spent several years training Iraqi youth in Citizen Media for Human Rights. In 2015, Melaina launched two impact companies of her own: Inner Peacebuilding and Dance Adventures. She currently dedicates her time to helping leaders maximize their impact in the world and live successful and purposeful lives.


Before working with Melaina, I had begun some work on healing my inner wounded child, but was feeling stuck and having some difficulties in dealing with my parents. Her knowledgeable and gentle approach was immensely powerful! Melaina led me through a visualization and brought me face to face with my beautiful inner child, and I was able to have a MAJOR breakthrough with Melaina’s loving guidance! Thank you so much for your attentive and authentic coaching!
— Andrea Leigh, Client


  • Awarded the Rotary World Peace Fellowship to complete Masters in International Relations - Peace, Conflict, and Security.
  • Selected as New Tactics in Human Rights Practitioner on Engaging Youth in Nonviolent Activistm
  • Facilitated a multi-stakeholder dialogue in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest.
  • Conducted field research on conflict transformation strategies used in conflict zones during Colombia's armed conflict. 
  • Trained in participatory facilitation, mediation, and conflict transformation.
  • Reported for BBC/PRI's The World and NPR's Latino USA across South America
  • Coordinated Cross-Border Network Indigenous Rights in the Amazon.
  • Awarded CV Starr Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship for Peacebuilding in Divided Cyprus.
  • Created new Gender and Sustainable Development program in Brazilian Indigenous Communities.
  • Taught Citizen Media for Human Rights for Iraqi Youth Leadership Program
  • Trained in SAVI Communication techniques, HeartMath Coaching, and Cultivating Emotional Equilibrium.