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Hiring Melaina was a genius move for me. She helped me take my business vision from the planning stages in the clouds and give it feet on the ground with practical action steps that created immediate results. In a matter of days, I was opening doors and creating opportunities to express my vision in the real world. I went from paralyzed with indecision to moving forward in trust and confidence.

Melaina possesses a rare ability to dance seamlessly through the roles of coach, consultant and friend on purpose, with grace and ease, in a way that brings her client maximum benefit in the moment. Her confidence in her work, and in me as her client, are extremely infectious. With Melaina in your corner, you are bound to be a winner, produce results quickly and become the person you need to be to live the life you desire. Thank you, Melaina, for being a rock, a guiding light, and the wind in my sails all at the same time!
— Darlene Smoker, Life Coach ~
Let me tell you, Melaina can dive in deep! I tend to live a little bit “out there” and she’s able to meet me right where I am and ground me wherever I happen to be. Not only is Melaina calm, comforting, and encouraging, she can get me to step through my fears by embracing them and understanding why they’re around in the first place. Working with Melaina quickly shed light on new sides of myself and now I’m able to show up in the world as a more complete, more authentic version of myself. If you’re looking for some inner peace, she’s your guide!
— Kelly Curtis, Intuitive Identity Coach & Artist ~
I have always known Melaina to be a person of great skill and integrity. Her coaching work, however, is truly inspiring. She was able to support me with great intuition and dexterity. With her help I had a powerful breakthrough that I was able to apply immediately to my life and work.
— Duncan Autrey, Mediator & Conflict Transformation Consultant,
It is not too often that we work with someone that dedicates us the attention we need in order to pursue our own greatness. Furthermore, when we find such a person and she understands the movements of our being and is willing to guide us in further motion forward it is important to seize that power lest we become inactive and inertia takes over.

In my time working with Melaina I have been honored that she took the time to focus on my inner strengths and qualities and supported me to bring those to the surface. Sometimes these inner workings are made up of matter that I would rather not deal with, but when I had Melaina encouraging me, and by my side, I became more willing to explore the deeper parts of myself. Alongside Melaina, I have dredged up emotions, feelings, and intentions that have carried me on a path of more clarity, courageousness, and self-assuredness.

One of the most powerful techniques during our coaching sessions was visualizations that Melaina guided me through expertly, carefully, and patiently. These visualizations are just one example of Melaina’s ability to understand my needs and work with me on what is most present and forefront in my life, while at the same time remaining true to my ultimate goal. Coaching with Melaina, I have been able to take the helm of my own ship, and to make decision on a clear career direction. What’s more, I am currently taking concrete steps to realize this aspiration and am confident that the path is one that I am meant to be on.
— Raquel Wigginton, Educator
Working with Melaina was entirely inspiring. Having never experienced coaching before, I didn’t know what to expect. She knew exactly what questions to ask in order to encourage me to find my own answers. I felt both incredibly supported and wonderfully challenged. While maintaining objectivity throughout, Melaina was able to capture and respond to my input with a level of enthusiasm that made me feel celebrated and heard. I now feel very aware and totally motivated to pursue my goals. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Kara O'Keefe Chadbourne, Culinary Entrepreneur