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Great leadership is an inside job.

At Inner Peacebuilding, we empower High Impact Leaders to inspire, transform, and produce next-level results.


Ready for a breakthrough in creativity and innovation? 

Inner Peacebuilding is a Hub for Creative Leadership, utilizing Experiential Education, Participatory Facilitation, and Design Thinking models to bring out your brilliance. Our Creative Leadership Model has been utilized to empower global leaders at the World Bank and the U.S. Department of Energy.  

Fed up with conflict on your team? 

At Inner Peacebuilding we bring 15 years of experience transforming multi-stakeholder conflicts across 4 continents. We coach leaders and their teams to build and rebuild relationships, removing the road blocks and forging new paths to collaboration, success, and impact. 

Looking for your authentic and unique leadership style? 

We throw cookie cutter out the window.  Our High Impact Leadership Toolkit helps you discover your Core Leadership Qualities and start producing results aligned with your intrinsic motivation.


Curious if Leadership + Impact Coaching is right for you or your company?

Book a complimentary consultation with Inner Peacebuilding's CEO and Head Coach, Melaina Spitzer.


About Melaina Spitzer

Check out my mission, methods, and the results of a decade of International Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation.

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About inner peacebuilding

Curious about Inner Peacebuilding? With this innovative new approach you can transform your inner and interpersonal conflicts, creating the freedom to live the life of your dreams!

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