Empowering leaders to create EPIC impact.


 Our Vision

Inner Peacebuilding is a major catalyst for abundance, social impact, and transformation, working with individuals and institutions globally to create sustainable positive impact.  


Our Mission

Inner Peacebuilding is a coaching and training institute for leaders and institutions looking to increase their impact, success, and sustainability.  We cultivate and empower high impact leaders and teams that inspire, transform, and produce results within their communities and businesses.  At Inner Peacebuilding, we specialize in supporting impact leaders to create change from the inside out, to live purposeful and joyful lives and produce thriving organizations and enterprises.


With more than fifteen years of experience in peacebuilding, experiential education, conflict transformation and coaching, we know that great leadership is an inside job. Inner Peacebuilding provide the tools, training, and coaching to create results from who you’re being, not just what you’re doing.


Our team has supported more than 120 leaders and institutions in creating massive results using our unique Inner Peacebuilding methodology. Our clients have gone on to launch social impact companies, spearhead non-profit organizations and lead international teams, creating massive success and impact for communities around the world.


Our Values

  1. Commitment

  2. Integrity

  3. Accountability

  4. Authenticity Always

  5. Impeccable Experiences

  6. Relationships First

  7. Honor Boundaries

  8. Act with Courage

  9. Stand from Love

  10. Create from Joy

  11. Open Communication

  12. Create Win-Wins

  13. Practice Gratitude

  14. Build Resilience

  15. Serve Generously


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