The Road Map to Inner Peace

A Journey with Inner Peacebuilding Coach, Melaina Spitzer


      Do you want to make changes in your job, your relationship, your finances, your health, but feel overwhelmed?

      Do you feel like there is some type of conflict going on internally that is holding you back?

      Have you already done tons of work on yourself, are fully aware of the problem, but can’t seem to shift it?

Welcome to the Road Map to Inner Peace.  You’ve come to the right place! This program will give you concrete, simple tools that will completely change the way you relate to yourself and people closest to you.

What you’ll walk away with:

-       A new, improved relationship with yourself!

-       Increased feelings of love, compassion, and forgiveness towards yourself and others.

-      Concrete communication skills to get through difficult conversations and improve relationships.

-       Tools to increase feelings of balance, ease, and peace and stop your stress response in its tracks.

-       Mindset practices to shift your energy and attract what you want to you!

-       Conflict resolution skills that you can apply to conflicts anytime, anywhere.

-       A Sustainable Action Plan for how you’re going to keep the peace moving forward!

How will we get there? Here’s an overview of the journey!

Cultivating the Moral Imagination.  We will start by shifting your relationship to parts of yourself or others that you might be relating to as enemies or adversaries.  Within Conflict Transformation Theory this is known as cultivating the Moral Imagination, a practice of imagining yourself in relationship with actors or parts of yourself that are perpetuating discord.  Through coaching, guided exercises, and implementation of new practices you'll start relating to yourself and your stressors in a whole new way. 

Transforming the Conflict.  Next we will get down to the root cause of the conflict and you’ll practice applying tools that will help you have a breakthrough and get out of negative cycles in your relationship with yourself and others!  You will get support in having the difficult conversations you need to have, making decisions and producing the shifts in your life that lead to healthy, non-toxic relationships, increased self-esteem, productivity in moving toward your goals and the ability to take action where you were previously paralyzed. 

Reconciliation.   Here we’ll use a tool called the Inner Truth Commission to create a space where empathy, truth, justice, and peace can co-exist within us and in our relationships.  You will experience forgiveness of yourself and others and have the chance to start fresh! We will create an Action Plan together that helps you maintain positive energy, transform conflicts when they arise, and improve internal and interpersonal communication in your day-to-day!


What the Road Map to Inner Peace Program Includes:

-       1 Complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call.

- Weekly One-on-one 45-minute coaching sessions with Melaina Spitzer, Inner          Peacebuilding Coach.

-       A Road Map Workbook with exercises to help you along the way.

-       Text and Email Support: When you’re having one of those days, I’ve got your back!

-       A Welcome Package, to help you get clear on what you want and the path we will take to     get you there.  Inside you'll also receive a care package with personalized treats, gifts and         goodies.

-       A secret page with all of our recorded calls so you can revisit them when you like. Here        you'll also find exclusive worksheets, videos, articles, and other resources selected                especially for you. 

-       Private access to my exclusive Facebook group for one-on-one clients only.

-       Access to our online community where you can get extra love, support, and guidance.

-       Unconditional love, support, and positive energy to help you achieve your goals and            dreams! 


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